Watching TV with headphones!!! Is it possible? What about the rumpling wires that may limit your movability? But, it is possible today. Nothing is best experience as comparing to placing the speaker next to your ear to enhance the enjoyment of TV. One can’t neglect the fact that now these speakers comes with more convenient wireless feature.

One of the effective uses of using the best wireless headphones is for watching TV. It is a best option for those who are suffering from hearing problems and have a habit to watch TV at louder volume.

What people mostly love about this type of headphone is that it gives a chance the user to enjoy their favorite TV programs with clear sound without bothering anyone else.

Best Wireless Headphones for TV

Headphones are in trend since the time Sony launched its Walkman worldwide. It is a completely new experience for the music lovers while listen to their favorite songs. They support stereo headsets that comes with tangled wires. With time and demand latest technologies were introduced into these headphones and the best thing is finally they go wireless which is great as per the convenience in any situation.

With the launch of wireless headphones some people think they might lack in the sound quality!!! However, modern wireless headphones prove it wrong. They offer its u

ser finest stereo experience of audio than ever before.

Generally the Bluetooth’s data signal is compressed but the new age earphone and headphone have come with enhanced signals to compensate fidelity deficiencies. People generally start adapting to best wireless Headphones for TV both their regular and casual usage.

Nowadays Bluetooth is common in nearly every gadget. Starting from smart watches to high end gadgets. They connect the devices very fast and give user the expediency to enjoy the freedom of movability within a definite range.

Another benefit of using the Bluetooth headphones that comes after experiencing the wireless stereo sound is the hands-free headsets for receiving and making calls with your personal cellular phone.

How Wireless headphones work?

These type of headphones can transmits audio signals via either IR(infrared) or radio signals as per the device. What’s interesting about a Bluetooth headphone based on the radio transmission technology is that one can connect multiple devices simultaneously with each other. Wireless headphones can be connected to any electronic device that generally supports the Bluetooth functionality without any cables or wires.

A Bluetooth enabled device comprises a tiny computer chip inbuilt that has Bluetooth radio plus a software that are responsible to connect the two devices. So in order to connect two devices place them in close proximity to each other, they pair or connect. Anyone can connect it easily and forget about using the wires.

How’s the sound Quality?

To deliver the better sound quality experience to user wireless headphones comes with noise-cancellation or bass-boosting technology. They help listener to better feel the beats while listening to the Music. Some of the stylish and affordable best wireless headphones for TV can easily beat the sound quality of the conventional wired stereo headphones.

How they enhance the Usability?

Wireless headphones are highly usable for the people those are having habit of listening to their personal music on fitness centers

Due to the high convenience factor now many international call centers are switching to wireless headphones to their employee.

Now Gaming consoles do support the wireless technology for getting the most out of enjoying a game ever.

These headphones have a big part in solving the problems of late night television watchers.

Connecting the Wireless Headphone to a TV

It is very easy to connect a wireless headphone to a TV. Mostly wireless headphones are Bluetooth based. Before connecting a Bluetooth enabled wireless headphone to a TV make sure the headphone base is plugged in and its batteries are charged enough.

Keep the television and headphone in close proximity to each other.

Turn on the Headset.

Go to the settings on your TV and turn the Bluetooth from there as well.

Now search for and find the headphone that you want to connect under the Bluetooth devices in your TV.

Select it and check whether you are able to hear the television, you are finally connected!

Wireless headphones those doesn’t support the Bluetooth feature may slightly differs in the method of connection, since a user guide or instruction manual can be of much help.


Why Bluetooth Headphones are among the Best Wireless Headphones for TV?

Since their first release to now Wireless Bluetooth headsets are continually developing. They make the regular life of the people easier and increase their productivity. They are included in the current fashion among the youths or either as a technology statement in their society. It is easier to see people in store and airport or at any place with Bluetooth wireless headphones on their head or hanging around their neck.

Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones can use every voice activated commands supported by your Bluetooth compatible phone. One can easily send, receive and also make phone calls via your cell phone even in case it is in your pocket, purse, briefcase, till the time Bluetooth phone has voice activated functions.

There are some common features available in nearly every Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones that attracts anyone’s attention:

The first most important and useful feature is the Wireless range of a headphone. It may vary depending on the power class and the version one is choosing to buy a headphone. Generally Bluetooth devices have a range of 30 feets.

Another important but not to ignore feature is ANR (Active noise reduction). Headphones compatible with ANR are based on a specific technology that reduces the ambient noise originating from your surroundings. This is must to clear your conversations while calling someone on public or having a loud background noise.

Third one is DSP, digital signal processing (DSP) is the technology that a headphone must have in order to overcome the noise generating from the surroundings and it will adjust the volume automatically to compensate. It is helpful to use the headphone in a situation of fluctuating ambient noise levels.

So it’s up to you which one you choose as per your needs and budget but it will always complete your convenience as a big factor to choose a wireless Headphone. What about gifting a Bluetooth wireless headphone to someone special? It will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Some of the recommended wireless headphones for TV are:

1) Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphone (Black-Discontinued by Manufacturer):

Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphone wireless headphones for TV


Beats wireless headphones were known for the powerful and crisp clear sound, even strong and clear than a wired headphone. For people those who do not want to compromise with using the wires can have an option as it also comes with a cable that you can plugin and use. Ten hours of battery life. Longer battery life means you can listen to your music for hours without disturbing anyone else.

As per the reviews of users it can lasts upto 10 hours in one charge, so no one can stop you to listen you favorite tracks for a long time. One can easily charge it, just plug this wireless headphone to any USB port or computer as a source of power to charge its batteries. It can stream audio from TV or any other electronic device compatible with Bluetooth within a range of 30 feet.

It can support AAC, APT-X and SBC Bluetooth to have a high quality stream. It supports easy playback, It has controls on the earcup to control the music play directly from your headphone such as changing a song or managing music and phone calls.

In the Box:Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphone wireless headphones for TV

Beats Wireless™ Bluetooth on-ear headphone

In-line control & mic cable

USB charging cable

Beats by Dr. Dre cleaning cloth

Carrying case

Height (mm): 197

Weight (kg): 0.21

One year limited warranty

Highlighted Features:

Original Beats sound profile

Durable lightweight design for better comfort

Remote to control calls, tracks and volume

In-line mic

Why beats wireless headphone?

Beats Electronics, Santa Monica, CA led by CEO and co-founder Jimmy Iovine, COO and President Luke Wood and Co-founder Dr. Dre. It is a renowned brand with a mission to provide its users a great music experience with the best wireless headphones for TV. With a complete range of speakers, headphones and customer service, it delivers the sound right from what was recorded in the studio. It has big brands as its partners like HP, HTC Mobile and Chrysler Group.

Beats wireless headphones for TV


2) Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphones (Discontinued By Manufacturer):

Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphones Description:

Sennheiser RS 180 comes with Open circumaural digital wireless headphones. In order to deliver the best sound possible the headphones support Kleer’s uncompressed audio transmission. There are Dynamic headphones with clear plus detailed audio reproduction.

These headphones comes with Multi-purpose transmitter-also functions as docking station and a cradle for “easy charge”. It supports Multi receiver transmission and also listens from the source. For the optimum level of audio these headphones have Automatic level control.


Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphones for tvIn the Box:

Sennheiser HDR 180 headphone

Multi-country AC wall adapter

Operating instructions

TX 180 transmitter/charging station

Detachable audio cable

1/8″ female to 1/4″ inch male audio adapter

1/8″ female to RCA male audio adapter

2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries


Highlighted Features:

KLEER Wireless Audio

Carrier frequency: 2.4 – 2.8 GHz

Open-Aire Design

Range: Up to 320 feet

Operating time: About 24 hours

Transducer type: Open-Aire

Total harmonic distortion (THD): <0.5% a 1 kHz

Audio input: 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug and RCA adapters

Sound pressure level (SPL): 106 dB

Frequency response (headphones): 18 Hz – 21,000 Hz

Charging time: 16 hours

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Signal-to-noise-ratio: 85 dBA (0,5 Vrms, 1 kHz)

Headphone type: Circumaural

Weight (headset): 7.6 oz (216g)

Weight (transmitter): 7.6 oz (216g)

Battery: NiMH rechargeable batteries (2 x AAA size)

Dimensions (transmitter): 4.7″ x 4.3″ x 9″

Why Sennheiser wireless headphone?

Sennheiser, a brand with high quality products from more than 60 years is the first choice of many people worldwide. It offers customized solutions in the field of sound recording, reproduction and transmission. It offers its fans integrated solutions for electro-asacoustic systems, products and services. It is developing creative solutions as per the demand and needs of customers.

wireless headphones for TV


3) Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones + DB Tech Digital to Analog Audio Converter For TVs with a Digital Optical Output:

Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones Description:

Experience the ultimate wireless sound with rich deep bass using 40mm drive units. A wide frequency response and a high fidelity sound due to the powerful ferrite magnets. It reduces noise, where the transmitter compresses and converts the audio signal to RF signal. The received RF signal is converted by the headphones back to the audio signal. It compressing the signal and reducing the transmitted noise.

The rechargeable battery of nickel-metal lasts for about 25 hours on a complete charge. It automatically recharges once placed on the base station. It uses fast recharge electromagnetic induction and takes about 3 and half hours to fully recharge an empty battery. It can also be used with the standard alkaline AA batteries.

Durable and Strong, with much less weight such that one can use them for a long time, with a wide, easy-adjusting, king-size earpads, soft padded headband that completely enclosed the ear. It also includes a converter for digital to analog signal conversion.

These are among the expert recommended best wireless headphones for TV. Inputs support Optical Toslink as the TV’s output. Outputs are 3.5mm AUX mini output jack or analog RCA R/L, to plug in the headsets in the way one choose. Latest technology offers electromagnetic transmission without noise. Includes Fiber Optic cable of 6 foot, Gold Plated Connector Tips with Heavy Duty extra durable Toslink Optical Cable.

 In the Box:Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones


High-powered transmitter/recharger

Rechargeable battery

Audio converter

Connecting cable

2 AC power adapters

Optical cable

Highlighted Features:

Wireless Radio Frequency

Designed for Comfort

Power Switch & Volume Control with LED indicator


3 Channel Selection

Headband: Wide, Easy-adjusting, Soft Padded

Type: Dynamic, Closed-air

Weight: 10.59 oz with battery

Why Sony wireless headphone?

Sony has its own unique presence in the field of electronics. It offers a varied range of items in nearly every category. Sony headphones are known to offer complete wireless listening and impressive bass effects. Many of its headphones are based on broad frequency response, extended comfort and electronic bass boost. It offers convenient headphones that make even take phone calls on the go. Users enjoy long battery life and incredible wireless freedom.

 wireless headphones for TV


4) Pyle Health PHPHA66 Dual Infrared Wireless Hearing Assistance System:

Pyle Health PHPHA66 Dual Infrared Wireless


This infrared wireless hearing headphones are made for power. It consists of 2 powerful lithium-ion charged IR transmitter. It comprises noise reduction circuitry in order to reduce background noise. It also has 2 receivers having built-in lithium-ion battery design. This product is Light in weight, made to fit and comfortable. A low pass filter is include to decrease high S/N, high frequencies, noise reduction function (=70 DB). A Limiter circuitry is there to eliminate signal peaks, tone and balance adjustment. To make it a complete package it has a charging dock with rechargeable battery.

 In the Box:Pyle Health PHPHA66 Dual Infrared Wireless headphone

2 Headphone Hearing Aids

2 Clip-On Mics

1 Dual Charging dock receiver

2 Line (1/8″) Cables

2 Line to RCA Cables

Product Dimensions: 2 x 7 x 8 inches ; 1.1 pounds

Highlighted Features:

Virtually connects to any Audio Source

Charging Dock and Rechargeable Battery

Noise Reduction Circuitry

Convenient Controls

 Why Pyle wireless headphone?

Pyle headphones improve one’s hearing using the PHPHA66 as a hearing system with quality that works everywhere. These headphones made superior quality possible with the IR light signal through the transmitter/docking station. It receives signals via the auxiliary mic input and line input from different audio devices. These headphones easily connects to DVD players gaming consoles, TV and other compatible devices. They are highly adjustable to meet your needs with features like volume, balance and tone controls.

 wireless headphones for TV


5) PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset – Jet Black:

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo HeadsetDescription:

A headphone specially designed for the Gamers. It is best to experience the whisper-quiet warnings to big booms. It supports 7.1 channel virtual surround sound. It has noise cancelling microphone hidden for better chat experience. This PlayStation’s headphone has the headset companion app.

One can download special same modes exclusive tuned to improvise the PlayStation games audio. With this stylish headphone you can enjoy the comfort of using it for a long time. It connects wirelessly to your PS3, PS4, PS vita, computer or any other gadget comprising 3.5mm jack.

The PlayStation accents and the bright blue burst on the inner part of the headset makes it unique from other gaming headsets.One can customize the earplates those can be removed easily from the headphones. It is built nicely with lightweight, thin plastic as well as faux-leather for both earcups and headband.

 In the Box:PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset


Wireless Adaptor

3.5 millimeter Audio Cable

Travel Pouch

Micro-USB Recharging Cable

Highlighted Features:

7.1 virtual surround sound of High fidelity

Wireless Stereo Headset

Noise-canceling microphone

Headset Companion App

Why PlayStation wireless headphone?

PlayStation Headsets by Sony deliver incredible audio clarity and depth of sound. These are known best wireless headphones for TV designed to increasing the gaming experience. There are custom audio modes specifically designed for the real enjoyment of PlayStation games.

wireless headphones for TV


6) iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones Apt-x, Wireless Headphones, Foldable Headphones

iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones Apt-x, Wireless HeadphonesDescription:

It comprises over ear cushioning with comfortable fit design, adjustable headband and air-quilted soft leather. Based on the lasting build quality it is made from the finely crafted materials. These are lightweight, foldable and deep ears well that makes it an idea headphone to be use with TV, gaming, work or any surroundings for noise reduction.

Its control module comprise 3 multifunction buttons. It can simultaneously connect with 2 devices. It can be adjusted effortlessly. It has special integrated power, connection status and battery status bar indicators especially compatible with iOS devices.

It is an affordable headphone with the High definition audio feature that are found in expensive ones. Due to Apt-x chips, this Bluetooth headphone delivers good quality of sound with pronounced and rich bass. The high and mid ranges are even balanced and clear. It has minimal distortion level even in high volume.

These headphone are made for those users who love to use an electronic product with different brand gadgets. It supports iOS apple iPhone (all versions), Galaxy Tablet, Black Berry, Note 4/3/2, Nexus 6, LG, Nokia, Motorola Moto, Toshiba, HTC, Sony Xperia smart phone, Microsoft windows OS, tablets PC’s, Bluetooth enabled TV etc.

 In the Box:iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones Apt-x, Wireless Headphones,

Bluetooth Headphone*1

Micro USB Charging Cable*1

3.5mm Audio Cable*1

User Manual*1

Carrying Case*1

Warranty Card*1

Highlighted Features:

Comfortable Design

Foldable Design

Bluetooth 4.0 and Apt-x Code

Built in Mic

3.5mm Audio Cable

Easier control with3 buttons on the earcup

Connection status with Led indicator display

Remember and reconnect automatically with recent paired device

Simultaneously connect 2 Devices

Switch between incoming and music calls

Headphone status on the status bar of iOS Devices

No worries of Damage, Carrying Case included

Why iDeaUSA wireless headphone?

iDeaUSA headphones are compatible with Bluetooth devices within a range of 10m/33t. It has 14 hours of playtime while streaming stable and fast high-fidelity audio using the modern Bluetooth 4.o and Aptx technology.

wireless headphones for TV

7) Geega Super Bass Clear Comfortable Wireless Headphones with Mic (Black & Red)

Geega Super Bass Clear Comfortable WirelessDescription:

These comfortable headphones supports high definition audio quality for quiet music enjoyment with over ear style. With adjustable and foldable headband, suitable ear cups made with memory foam cushion for sound proof noise cancellation. It reduces noise to give sound clarity and deep bass effect.

These headphones with aptX and CSR 4.0 codec for faster and stable connection with devices enabled with aptX. To achieve CD-like quality sound it has improving Bluetooth screaming. Easily connect to a Bluetooth enabled TV.

Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air 2 mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeS5 S4, Nexus 6, Sony Xperia, HTC, Note 4/3, LG, Motorola Moto, Nokia, Blackberry, gadgets compatible with Microsoft windows, iOS, Andriod.

There is built in microphone on this high fidelity music headsets. It gives the convenience of hands free call answer/reject/end/reject/last number redial/mute, track and volume control via multi-function control button. It supports dual connect to pair with 2 devices compatible with Bluetooth for better balance of convenience amid personal and professional business life.

It has 3.5mm jack compatible with non-Bluetooth devices. Its status shown on iOS devices connected with it. These are one among rechargeable best wireless headphones for TV headphones with about 540 hours of standby time also playing time of 14 hours. The headphones comes with carrying case. It is ideal for enjoying music in all type of situations.

In the Box:Geega Super Bass Clear Comfortable Wireless

1x Portable Bluetooth Headphone

1x Micro USB Charging Cable

1x 3.5mm Audio Cable

1x Manual

1x Carrying Case

Highlighted Features:

Ultra comfortable

Latest aptX technology

Crystal clear

Deliver super clear, CD-like and deep bass sound effect!

Dual device connections headphones

Foldable design

Full music control

Case for easy carrying

Hands free phone call

Source: Built-in Battery

Playing Time: up to 14 Hours

Standby Time: up to 540 hours

Charging Time: 2-3 Hours

Why Geega wireless headphone?

Geega Bluetooth comfortable headphones will offer a quiet environment having the noise reduction and comfortable ear-cups designs. The headphones are mainly equipped with modern aptX technology enhances the gadget to offer clear, loud and clean CD-like quality sound having super bass. Mostly headphones have full calling and Dual connections functions that make them easier for one to enjoy the music without missing outthe business calls.

wireless headphones for TV

8) JVC 900MHZ Wireless Headphones – Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

JVC 900MHZ Wireless Headphones Description:

JVC’s wireless headphones compatible with Call/Paging function and PLL-stabilized technology for transmission. It has extended 164 feet of reception range. It is compatible with On stand charging and auto tuning. Base unit supports Page function/Voice call. It offers users Auto power ON/Off feature to save the battery. Headphones are charged On Stand. It has 40MM driver unit.

 In the Box:


Rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries

AC adaptor

Plug adaptor

Connection cable x 2

Highlighted Features:

Tune in and tune out the music

Cordless and rechargeable 900 MHz headphones for an extended range

Virtually connect with any audio/video equipment

Automatic tuning feature

Voice Call function

Large, 40 mm diaphragms for full-bodied sound

Comfort-fit, self-adjusting headband

Automatic on/off

Automatic charging on base station

Braille-type markings to signify right and left ear pieces

Rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries

Why JVC wireless headphone?

JVC’s headphones lets one enjoy amazing sound at anyplace. The headphones can be compatible with any audio/video equipment virtually. The JVC’s genuine Paging/Call function provide for suitable communication of voice via the base station to the headphone user. They are having large diaphragms for good quality sound. The headphones comprise comfort fit, self-adjusting head band for easy usage. These wireless headphones have automatic on/off and automatic charging on base station. JVC offer headphones those are mostly compatible with auto tuning feature as per the user requirements.

wireless headphones for TV

9) Avantree Bluetooth transmitter with aptX low latency for wireless watch TV / movies.


This Bluetooth transmitter offers boasting superb stereo sound quality. It is a perfect device for watching TV, recording music, playing video games etc.

It is an ideal transmitter for pairing with TV, having aptX low latency technology. It effectively removes delays in the Bluetooth transmission, for seamless video and audio synchronization.

It’s multipoint technology works with 2 Bluetooth headphones and enable one to enjoy music sharing. It is compatible with well-known brands like iPhones, HTC, iPads, Samsung devices etc.

This wireless transmitter comes with an amazing battery life of 8 hours play time. In dual mode, one can even plugged with AC adapter and use it.

3.5 mm standard cable and socket enable this transmitter to connect with many modern Bluetooth compatible devices. The magnetic base makes it to be placed anywhere and enjoy the music wirelessly.

In the Box:Avantree Bluetooth transmitter

Avantree Priva

Magnetic base

RCA audio cable

3.5mm audio cable

Micro USB charging cable

Warranty card

User manual

Highlighted Features:

Bluetooth 3.0

A2DP Audio codec

Compact size with a magnetic base

2 Bluetooth headphones can be connected simultaneously

Play time of up to 8 hours

Rechargeable 250mAH Li-Po battery

Universal interface

3.5mm audio jack

RCA audio cable

Micro-USB charging port

Product size: 15mm(H)x48mm(L) x 48mm(W)

Weight: Base Approx. 7g, Main Part Approx23g

Why Avantree Priva wireless transmitter?

This Bluetooth audio transmitter is based on the modern ‘aptX low latenccy’ technology with no delay high quality streaming of the audio. Priva allows one to share music with each other with multipoint-receiver support.

wireless headphones for TV

10) RCA WHP141B 900MHZ Wireless Stereo Headphones:

RCA WHP141B 900MHZ Wireless Stereo HeadphonesDescription:

These wireless stereo headphones can transmits audio signal about 150 feet, via floors, ceilings and walls.To better prevent signal noise it supports locks in frequency Phase-Lock Loop(PLL) technology. For complete sound performance it has 40mm speakers. It supports 900 MHz frequency for transmission.

It comes with 3-channel selection on transmitter and headphones for easy tuning. These are well known best wireless Headphones for TV can be charged on the transmitter for better storage and use. Includes headphones, base/transmitter, power supply and batteries. It’s comfortable, compact design offers rich, full sound unlike the bulkiness of other headphones.

To reduce the interference it has 3 selectable operating channels. Transmitter can be best used as the charging stand. This headphone is universally compatible with almost all audio source like CD, HDTV, DVD or DBS. It is an ideal headphone to be used for home entertainment systems.

 In the Box:RCA WHP141B 900MHZ Wireless Stereo Headphones Best Wireless Headphones for TV

RCA WHP141 Wireless Headphone

3.5 mm Jack Adapter

Power Adapter

2 x NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Highlighted Features:

900MHz Wireless transmission of audio signal via walls, ceilings and floors at distances of about 150-feet away from the transmitter

Prevent signal loss using the PLL technology locks in frequency

For easy tuning it has Three-channel selection on the transmitter and the headphone

Delivers outstanding sound performance with 40mm speaker diameter

Transmitter cum charging stand

Lightweight headphones with comfortable self-adjusting headband

Why RCA wireless headphone?

It is very easy to setup the RCA wireless headphones that delivers amazing sound to its user.When the base station is free of any input these headphones has an amazing feature of auto cutoff the connection in order to save the power. These headphones fairly attract the attention of people those who are looking for high quality but inexpensive products.

wireless headphones for TV