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Best Aviation Headset

You’re a pilot!! Then, a regular headset is not suited for you and your profession. At the same time, you should know about Best Aviation Headset and also the importance of this headset right!!

No matter that you’re flying only for small distance or a longer one driving a personal aircraft, helicopter or commercial aircraft and fully passengers or not.

Using best aviation headset is vital. All about the needs of aviation headset for aircraft is for communication.

Thus, it is very important to choose the best pair of a headset to make convenient and clear communication.

When you look for aviation headset, you get more options from $90 to $1000. At the same time, it does not mean that an expensive aviation headset only the best. Instead of that, you can also find the best one within your affordable price too.

Before paying for aviation headset, it is vital to choose the best. To ensure the best one, you have to refer the aviation headset reviews. Thus, here, I’m going to share the…..

Top 5 Best Aviation Headset reviews for you:

1. FARO G2 Aviation Headset:

If the cost of aviation headset is not a matter for you and you are also looking for headset more than $300, then FARO G2 ANR (Active Noise Reduction) Premium Pilot Aviation Headset with Mp3 Input is the right choice for you.

It has conventional steel band and plastic earcup design. The G2 weighs 23 ounces. Faro G2 ANR has been designed for the pilots for whom flying is a passion. G2 reduces cockpit noise due to the newest sound technology.

Its battery last up to 30 hours depending on the environment. It is good for budget-minded pilots.

With a price range of $390 Faro G2 proves to be the best aviation headset as if it delivers everything that a much more expensive ANR headset does for a lot less.
  • This premium pilot privation features up to 52bd of noise reduction with the help of active noise compression technology.
  • You can use this headset with MP3, radio, iPod, and iPad devices.
  • This premium pilot aviation headset is originally made in the US.
  • In order to ensure the crystal clear communication, it uses Premium Noise Cancelling Electret Microphone.
  • It comes with 3 years replacement warranty.
  • It has built-in PNR an ANR which features better noise pollution control.
  • This is made with the fully adjustable microphone beam so that you will get clear sound.
  • Large soft cushion in this headset offers high durability and comfortable.


2. Rugged Air RA200 Aviation Headset:

If the price is the matter for you to purchasing aviation pilot headset and looking for a pilot headset and affordable price, then Rugged Air RA200 Black General Aviation Pilot Headset is the right option for you.

  • This pilot headset provides 24db noise reduction hearing protection.
  • It is made with 50mm performance audio speakers.
  • This is the perfect pilot headset for instructors, passengers, flight schools, and student pilots.
  • This high-performance aviation headset is available at the affordable price.
  • It is designed with foam ear seals, stainless steel headband, and deep packet ear canals.
  • In addition to that, this aviation pilot headset also includes EM56 Noise Reflective Cup Microphone with Wire Boom and 3.5mm
  • Input Jack for Music Devices for added features.


3. KORE AVIATION KA-1 Aviation Headset:

If you’re looking for aviation pilot headset within the range of $100 to $150, then KORE AVIATION KA-1 Premium Gel Ear Seal PNR Pilot Aviation Headset is an ideal option for you.

  • It features dual volume control for each ear
  • You can use this headset on MP3, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • For maximum breathability and comfort, it is made with acoustic foam earcups.
  • It provides 24db of noise reduction protection
  • In order to carry this quickly with safe, it comes with custom fit headset bag. 


4. Bose A20 Aviation Headset:

Bose- The name only says everything about it; it has been around the industry for years which focus on delivering best quality products to its user. The previous model i.e. Bose Aviation Headset X was a best seller for a decade.

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is called to be the most technologically advanced headset ever!

It was the Bose who first introduce the active noise-reducing (ANR) headsets which changed the way pilots fly. Bose A20 comes with the same but in an improved manner; It is now quieter, more comfortable, has Bluetooth and a sound jack.

You can easily wear it for long hours without any problem. It has an excellent sound quality, and the important thing is that it maintains the seal around the ears, even when you are wearing sunglasses or snacking.

Well, the price is high but for pilots who have to put the headset for hours must be worth every penny or we can say it’s an investment for comfort and audibility.
  • It is mainly designed for significantly increased noise reduction even in the loud environment.
  • The choice of material used for the headset made it comfortable.
  • Provides additional room for the ears.
  • Clear audio for enhanced communications.
  • Connectivity options include Bluetooth audio and communications interface.
  • The Battery Box is designed for easy to control and comfort.
  • It comes with 5-Year of Warranty.
  • Bose also introduced Auxiliary audio input in this product for the first time. 


5. David Clark DC Pro-X:

DC Pro-X provides superior technology, comfort, and performance with supra-aural design. It features best-in-class Hybrid electronic noise cancellation and Bluetooth wireless technology.

To give the pilot the best experience, DC Pro-X combines ANR along with a super lightweight construction. The ear cups sit on the ears instead of around them.

Well, this must be a good choice for corporate pilots, airline pilots or for those whose manuals require a TSO’d product.

For personalized fit and comfort, there is a fully adjustable suspension assembly integrated with a headband. Through Bluetooth Wireless Technology you can be able to get connected to cell phones, MP3 or tablets.

  • The ultra-soft leatherette head pad with breathable design wipes out ‘hot spots’ and during long fights, it keeps the top of head cool.
  • The round, supra-aural design of ear cups keep ears cool by reducing heat to build up on ears.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Feature delivers high-fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening.
  • Dual Voice Coil Drivers offers Fail Safe operation to get full communication during battery loss or system failure.
  • It comes in a rugged nylon headset Bag with shoulder strap. 



This were some of the best aviation headset reviews. After reading the reviews of the above-listed best aviation headset, choose one that meets your needs on the headset and comes within your budget.

I hope you have got better information through this article, feel free to comment and share your views with all of us.


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