4 Best Headphones for Ultimate Experience of Classical Music

best headphones for classical musicMany people love to hear classical tracks other than the modern high beat music. It is best to listen them private to hear the minute details. Some of the best headphones are designed for experiencing the classical music.

It’s amazing on these headphones to experience a spacious sound. Clearer, and richer enough like one is sitting for the live symphony performance. Headphones those are especially made to realize the instruments. Realize the individual voices direct into ears.

Best time for listening to the classical music is either on a long journey or at the end of hard, long working day!

Here are some shortlisted name of headphones with their brief description at a glance. To get idea about their features.

4 Best Headphones for Classical Music 2017:

 1. Klipsch IMAGE S4 (Discontinued by Manufacturer):best headphones for classical music

These headphones have superb seal superior bass response via microspeaker based on dual magnets. Designed with special oval ear tips for better comfort for a long time. Eartips are available in 3 different sizes mainly large, medium and small.

For the best fit, headphones were designed with piano black finish. Well known best headphones for listening classical music comes with chrome accents.

You can use these headphones anytime, anywhere. By tuning into concert experience. Also tune out the external environment with Image s4.

These headphones are available on budget with dynamic sound. Supports complete noise-isolation and enhanced bass.

It gives professional sound, clean and angle nozzles to give comfort while use. Include strain-relief cord that it perfect to use at gym and streets. These high-performance!

Reasonable priced earphones go beyond and above one would expect via the stock ear buds.Extremely narrow and light so one can’t feel them inside the ears. With 60 years of expertise these premium headphones produce home theater and stereo sound.


2. Sennheiser CX 300 II:

CX 300 has dynamic speaker system of high quality. These pair of headphones are durable enough and delivers bass-driven stereo sound.

For best fit customized ear adaptors are there. A convenient pouch is supplied for easy carrying. Use it on the go with asymmetrical cable lessens cable clutter and tangles.

For more than 60 years every Sennheiser headphone or mic has built-in mission. To deliver true sound of the music as it was designed by artist. Ranging from a whispered word to a high bassline. Listen everything clearly!

Sennheiser delivers pure emotion and interest. So these became one among the best headphones for classical music. A quality that impress and win the hearts of music lovers and artists from different areas of the world. Sennheiser offers a great experience for everyone who really wants to hear.

Sennheiser headphone or mic delivers soul and sound to the music exactly as what it was recorded. You can clearly experience attacking the bassline to the feel of a whispered word.

Get complete excitement and emotion of quality of music. It gets much recognition from those who do not compromise with the level of quality in music.


3. Bose QuietComfort 25:

These headphones are designed to produce better sound and comfortable enough to carry anywhere. To enjoy each note it offers powerful, deep and balanced music. Based on noise isolation technology. So that you can hear the music without any outside disturbance.

Earcups fold flat into a rugged and lightweight compact case. That gives better protection to headphones. These headphones are made for complete fit around-ear for a long time use.  Comes with inline remote/mic. To control the calls and music especially via Apple gadgets.

QuietComfort 25 have revolving earcups to fit onto ears. These are best among light headphones. Those recommended for classical music having pillowy softness over ear cushions and headband.


4. Sennheiser HD 202 II:

These headphones produce frequency response of 18Hz-18KHz. Well known dynamic, closed, supra-aural hi-fi stereo headphones. Made for satisfactory attenuation of ambient noise.

Recommended for DJ’s! These pair of headphones are ideal for mini hi-fi systems in homes to mobile sources.

To feel the effect of low bass ‘turbine’ embossing is there. That too with lightweight diaphragm material. Gives powerful bass response via damping perforation designed specially. Earcups can be detached from the headband

To produce new-age rhythm-driven music increased signal levels and powerful bass is there. At high sound levels lightweight diaphragms and neodymium magnets are offered. Clips are included to adjust the length of the cable.

Flexible and durable headband with rugged outdoor design. So these are among the best headphones made for classical music. Has OFC copper cable of 3 m in length made of copper.

For extended listening and comfort in wear they were engineered with ultra-lightweight design. Use it every day as it is backed with 2 years of warranty and leatherette ear pads those are replaceable.



Classical music should be heard in the same quality like they are composed. Headphones are find to be better as compared to speaker system counterparts.

Enjoy every details in the music. It’s been centuries since classical music in there among us and will be there forever.


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