What are the Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTube 2017

Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTubeGamers and YouTube users always are in search of those microphones that provide high-quality sound and give better user experience as if they don’t want to face any bad experience while gaming and recording.

If you get bored with your on-board laptop mic and are looking for the best microphone for gaming and YouTube? Then you are in the right place at the right time.

Here are some of the best microphone for gaming and YouTube.

The microphones listed in the article are good in catching voices, doesn’t take lots of space, good for voice commentary and many other features.

Let’s move to our content now and….

Pick the best headphones for gaming from the below list.

The Best Picked Microphones for Gaming and YouTube:

1. Blue microphones yeti USB Microphone:

Yeti has been proved as the best USB microphone for most people in many ways.

CNET said that Yeti is “one of the richest sounding, sonically flexible USB microphones money can buy.”

PC Magazine reports that Yeti is “a worthy step up from the sort of mics you would find in the computer accessories aisle of your local electronics store.”

Whether it comes to quality or sound, it is undoubtedly one of the first choices among any other USB microphones.

It is compact and it comes attached with a mini stand by saving you a lot of space.

The makers of Blue microphones are expert in designing professional, quality mics. You can plug it directly into the computer and can listen different variations of voices in better sound.Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTubeYou can control the volume which is a huge plus in this microphone.

It presents recording modes that are suitable for wide range of needs and capable of producing good-sounding results in most situations.

Along with its full-size, most agreeable sound and helpful features, it beats it, competitors.

It is solidly built, but the control buttons are not much sturdy. They should be used with a proper caution, if not then they can damage or break easily.

Why you should opt this?

This is perfect for the outdoor recording.

The great features that Yeti offers are zero-latency headphone monitoring jack, live headphone monitoring and gain control on the back, a mute button and a volume on the face side, control USB port for powering the device and 6 feet long USB cable.

It has the tendency to record whole-room voice, and it can be quickly setup for a different room and capture sound situations. 

[alert-announce]Overall, Blue Yeti is costly, but it provides Excellent richness and overall sound quality with 4 picking patterns including stereo mode and THX certified model which makes the price for the Yeti a reasonable way.[/alert-announce]



2. Sony ECM-CS10 Omni-directional microphone:

This microphone comes with stereo channeling. This microphone will record the audio in left and right channels giving away for stereo sound.

The unidirectional stereo clip captures voices from all directions, suitable for conferences, meetings, and lectures. It possesses almost 300 hours of battery life with Sony lithium battery CR2025.

It also catches up less vibration and rubbing of fabric noise.

For giving the advantage of hands-free recording, the lavalier Styling includes a clip to attach to clothing.

For power Management, it has plug-in power capability and provides Gold-Plated Plug for maximum conductivity and minimum noise.Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTubeIt provides an L-Shaped Mini-Plug that fits portable recorders.

For maximum simplicity, convenient, ease of use there is a One-Piece Tie-Tac Mic with Integrated Clip. It also has a Sleek, Round-Edge Battery Box with a clip for attaching to clothes.

Why you should opt this?

An integrated stand for capturing audio in meetings and lectures. For minimum loss and minimum noise, there is an Oxygen-Free Copper Litz cable.

This small microphone will record noises from all over the place and even the noise of closing door will be recorded.

[alert-announce]Sony ECM-CS10 has a Small and Unshowy Design which makes the recording process more natural and less noticeable.[/alert-announce]



3. MXL 770 Cardioids condenser microphone:

It’s a pretty sweet, small and affordable little XLR Cardioid condenser mic with multi-purpose use.

Many of the reviewers have compared MXL 770 sound with other high-quality mics, and they all said that the found little to no noticeable difference in sound. It’s sound matches with other expensive mics.

It is a good choice for beginners who were looking for a suitable and quality condenser mic in less expense.

This microphone is a nice black mic with a gold stripe that is also suitable for singers. If you are a gamer and also do voice commentary then this will be the best fit for you.

It has the capability to capture single- and multi-voice recording and other musical instruments like vocals, strings, and piano too.Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTubeIt is sturdy built, has a solid bass, and it’s FET output electronics gives you a dynamic range; and assures a low noise and high output gain.

The features that it offers are a small (6 micron, 20mm) gold sputtered diaphragm, Switchable bass cut, -10dB pad, Rolloff and attenuation switches, works well for both digital and analog recording.

It weighs around 420g and has a robust Carrying case.

Why you should opt this?

It picks up high voices and gives crisp, warm and high-end clarity. It has a solid performance in wide range of frequencies.

The microphone is lightweight so it is the best microphone to take for travelling

[alert-announce]An excellent mic for the money. Versatile and sheer affordability; gives you clear, bright, balanced and reliable sound quality.[/alert-announce]




4. Blue snowball USB Condenser microphone:

Blue snowball has become a famous and popular choice among youtubers who require the best microphone for gaming.

Snowball is the world’s first professional USB condenser microphone that records sound of a band in a professional studio or a musical instrument in your living room.

It is an excellent choice for podcasting too, and you can easily plug and play it with your PC or Mac. It offers accurate, versatile input for your computer.

The mic comes along with a desktop stand and a USB cable.

The 3-pattern switch enables you to choose from cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad, and omnidirectional.

The dual-capsule design can capture sounds from soft vocals to loud garage bands.Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTubeIt is beautifully designed, and the tripod base has an adjustable height of 5 to 6.5 inches.

On the top of the mic, there is a LED that specifies when the Snowball is connected to your computer.

This microphone comes along with a small but durable tripod stand. This can be overcome in post processing if you do gaming commentary and making it the best microphone for YouTube gaming.

Why you should opt this?

One of the greatest features of Snowball is its sonic flexibility offered by its two microphone capsules.

The one capsules capture an omnidirectional, cardioid recording pattern and the another one captures sound from all directions in an Omni pattern. 

[alert-announce]On the back of the mic, there is a mode switch through which you can switch between the two capsules according to your needs.[/alert-announce]




5. Rode NT-USB condenser microphone:

The NT-USB is capable of capturing audio at up to 16-bit/48 kHz resolution. It gives an integrated headphone amplifier and 1/8″ stereo headphone jack that allows for monitoring.

It is a great gift for home musicians.

It is a cardioid, side-address USB microphone. The on-mic Direct Mix Control allows you to select between mic input and source input for monitoring.

The box contains a pop shield, a tripod desk stand, a ring mount, a 20-foot long USB cable, and a storage pouch.

For zero-latency monitoring, there is a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. It is consistent with both Apple iPad and PC.

The tripod is far too small. It weighs 18 ounces has a frequency of 20Hz – 20kHz. This mic is simply excellent in every feature.Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTubeSome people only search for a mic that specializes in podcasting, voice recording or music; the Rode NT-USB is that specific mic which provides clear and solid sound quality for music recordings.

Why you should opt this?

The best part of the microphone is that it comes with a premium pop filter.

It will pick up sound very well including background noises, and you will be amazed at the sound quality for voice over.

This microphone has an adjustable volume and compact size. 

[alert-announce]It proves to be the best mic choice of today’s generation. It called to be a Model with no abs, ease of use and high-quality sound.[/alert-announce]


6. Samson Go Mic:

Go Mic is a versatile computer-based miking and recording solution.

You can easily attach the Go Mic to your laptop. It gives the plug and play feature means it’s completely compatible with both PCs and Macs without the use of drivers or software. It has a custom compact design.

It can be perfectly used for recording music, podcasts or field recording also suitable for voice recognition software, iChat, and webcasting.

The main aim of Samson makers is to give you the studio-like experience, and it’s small in size.

It offers switchable cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns, lets you choose what type of recording you need to make.

The cardioid pattern picks up the guitar sound better. The omnidirectional pattern is capable of detecting distant sounds. Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTube

It provides a frequency response of 20Hz–18kHz and a resolution of 16-bit, 44.1kHz, giving you professional audio specs in a compact, multi-purpose design.

Go Mic proves to be the best extreme portable USB condenser Microphone means it is best for portable recording with a limited budget.

Through its adjustable stand, you can place the mic in just about any direction.

Inside the box, it has 3.5mm headphone output, instructional manual, a carrying cash, a USB cable, a couple of clips, Music Creator CD.

Why you should opt this?

Samson GoMic performs better while recording vocals and acoustic guitar in Garage Band. For getting a professional sound, Samson Go Mic would be a perfect option.

It gives a look of premium product with its strong build. 

[alert-announce]People who want a portable mic giving a clean and crisp sound then Samson Go Mic should be a good choice, especially when taking the price into consideration.[/alert-announce]


If you are looking to get a decent microphone for your YouTube gaming videos, then you have to consider the following conditions.

Requirements of a Good Microphone:

1. Budget:

How much are you willing to spend? If you have spent $50-100 then, you will get those microphones which will give you a smooth recording voice.

If you are doing podcasting, this will require a very high-quality microphone.

2. Condenser microphones:

Always try to get condenser microphones. They are effective in handling loud sound noise without high frequencies. You will have a very good sound quality for your audience.

3. Connectivity:

It is best to get a microphone that has an audio connector for the highest sound quality. This is not an option for the casual gamer that just wants to record commentary while playing the game.

Wrapping Up:

Hope this article has helped you to make a correct decision to choose the best microphone for gaming and YouTube on what you need.

If you know about some more microphone that should be listed in this article then give your views in the comment section and we will add those products too.




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