Best Speakers Under $200 (Top 8 Best Powered Speakers 2017)

Best Speakers Under $200Speakers are widely used for watching movies, games, music. The speakers are used by combining it with the computer, TV, and so on.

If you buy the best speakers under $200 for your home, then you can enjoy the ultimate sounding experience that the speakers offer to you. Moreover, the best speakers will give you home theater experience.

If you are a music lover and music is the only stress relief object for in your life then you must go through this article to know some of the best speakers for under 200.

Music has been enjoyed by many of the devices, but a computer is best among all of them. Attaching speakers to your PC, you get the real feel of the music. Now let’s move forward to our content.

What are the features to look for Speakers?

Speakers play a significant role in the technology world, and it offers ultimate sounding experience to the music lovers.

So, one must have an excellent job in selecting the best speaker for them. When it comes to purchasing the best monitor speakers under 200, one must consider the following aspects.

  • We all know very well that it is important to find the trustable store.
  • The second most important thing is you need to choose the best brand from the availability of plenty of well-known brands.
  • Thirdly, you should think about the price and the dimensions of the speakers. It is best to buy the portable ad lightweight speakers.
  • Check the reviews of the speakers that you’re going to buy. You can check the reviews on the Amazon websites.
If you consider the above features while looking for the best speakers, then you can easily buy the best one for movies, music, and games.

Top Quality Best Speakers under $200:

Are you seeking for the best speaker under $200? But, still, can’t pick the best speaker that meets your exclusive style? Are you struggling in choosing the speaker that fits your limited budget?

If yes, then this is the best place to grab the best speaker. Our team of experts tested the features of the plenty of speakers available in the marketplace and finally, they come up with the following speakers to satisfy your needs.

1. Logitech Z-623 2.1 Multimedia Speaker:

Logitech is a world’s leader in delivering excellent speakers at great low prices. This is a certified speaker system that delivers music with an ultimate sounding experience.

This speaker is perfect for large rooms too, and it is the way to experience home theater. It considered to be one of the best home theater speakers under 200.  It comes with excellent on-speaker controls that allow you to adjust the volume and bass easily up or down.



2. Logitech Speaker System Z553:

This is another great speaker from the Logitech, and it gives excellent sound quality. It is easy to set up. This is worth your every penny, and the quality of this speaker seems quite attractive.

Simply saying, this is a very excellent speaker, and it is perfect for any large rooms. So, I’d like to recommend this awesome speaker for those on a budget.



3. Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse 2.0 Bluetooth:

The company tends to design an incredible speaker which gives you the best feeling of music pattern along with the outstanding looks.

This wireless connecting speaker allows us to connect with the external devices when we pair it with any Bluetooth device.

You can power it up by a wireless remote, and through its touch sensor connectivity, you can control the volumes, play/pause, the previous and next track along with standby option.

One thing that makes Edifier the best among the other best bluetooth speakers under 200 dollars is it’s enhanced audio performance capability with the distortion control along with the electronic crossover and the incorporation of the DSP and DRC.

The availability of a 3-inch bass driver and the 19mm silk dome tweeter at front in each of the speaker is fantastic. The back contains two passive radiators of 2 inches and 3 inches facing each other in each speaker cabinet.

There is a dual 2inchX3inch passive bass radiator for the enhanced bass effect of each of the speaker.

It is powered by 74watt and through the power amplifier to each tweeter as well as bass drivers you can experience a high-class music.

The Edifier e25 peculiar design makes it odd one out from other regular computer speaker design.

I named it as “Egg shape speaker” because from the front it’s little bit look like an egg and from the side corners it looks like helmets. Well, I just loved the way it is designed and hats off to the creativity of makers.

The company is well known for their outrageous looking speakers. They have been designing this creativity for ages.

The box packs a handy remote control as I mentioned earlier, a Power Brick, Aux cable, cable to connect this two cable, optical cable, RCA cable and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The one thing bad about them is they aren’t portable ones, they are heavy and consumes more space.

They are good at delivering great deep lows and remain tight around the mids. With the auxiliary cable, you can connect your smartphones.

These speakers are attention grabbers, and if you want the best sound quality, then you should keep them either on your desk or a few inches away from the walls.

I have read few of the reviews about it where some buyers were complaining that “while switching the buttons or plugging the aux cable the speakers shake due to its small base, ” and that’s the time where you have to take a little caution.


4. Definitive Technology Incline Audiophile Desktop System:

The firm is well known for producing premium and audiophile standard house speakers. Definitive Technology has introduced there one of the best Audiophile Desktop System which gives you the experience of high-quality sound.

They are equipped with self-powered loudspeakers, which provides best sound clarity.

You can easily connect the system with other music devices through USB Digital Analog Converter. The speaker possesses a new technology that is an audible sense of the speaker.

The speaker is covered with metal base delivering a complete clean black design on the front. They have 2.0 loudspeaker settings, and the minimalistic layout is just perfectly describing Definitive Technology Incline speakers.

From its 9.5-degree angle of the box, the company tends you to give the sound that goes perfectly into your ear. It weighs 5 kilograms as a whole system.

The box packs Aux cable, USB cable and power cord tucked inside providing you with a superior unboxing feel.

They have a clean and tidy design which makes them ideally suited for the computer desk, making them best center speaker under 200. 

In the bottom right of the speaker, there’s a Def Tech logo along with indicator light and the metal base on which the speaker stand has the company name written on it.

The right side of the right speaker features two buttons, one for volume control and other for power button just underneath it.

Unlike Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse, this speaker won’t shake as their metal plates are heavy.

The Definitive Technology intends to give a clear sound with a simple yet pleasant look. This could be a worth choice for you if you wants to get sounds beyond belief. It proves to be the best speaker system under 200. 


5. Polk Audio Hampden AM6510-A Bluetooth Speaker System:

Hampden AM6510-A is Polk’s one of the best speakers they have ever crafted. Polk products are mainly equipped with Bluetooth aptX technology which makes them useful for high-fidelity streaming with the various compatible devices.

Polk Audio Hampden are the best bluetooth speakers under 200 dollars.  They produces a frequency response of 50-22,000 Hz plus a wireless range of 40 feet. It drives 80 watts of power.

The USB port works better for music playback. They have used the retro wooden style of 1980’s for layout in loudspeakers along with modern electronic equipment. The Polk brand is well known for their retro styled premium design products.

They have used an analog volume dial which too gives the retro feel. It is capable of producing the same sound experience even in high volumes due to the availability of 1-inch silk dome tweeter and a 4.5 inches woofer drivers in front of the speakers.

The Wireless Bluetooth speakers are not entirely wireless you have use wires for connecting two speakers via cables and also power it via the power cord.

You have the advantage of connecting four smartphones simultaneously with these speakers and play via audio via all of them.

It weighs 13.7 pounds and 5.7 inches x 5.6 inches x 11.6 inches tall. Polk Audio Hampden should be a must choice for those who wants a stylishly retro look with the supreme sound quality. I think it’s the best budget speakers for pc.


6. Bose SoundLink Mini II:

Bose SoundLink Mini II is the updated version of SoundLink Mini. Bose have corrected every flaw that the previous version had and made something new and efficient with SoundLink Mini II.

It has a study look and possesses the same design of original SoundLink Mini. Just a little bit of difference you can see in both the speakers.

Mini II is equipped with a multifunction button where the original one had the aux and mute buttons. Multifunction button gives the option to pause/play tracks, Double-tap to skip tracks and triple tap to return to the previous track.

iPod typical users can enjoy their tunes by plugging the 3.5mm audio cable.

One of the best features of SoundLink Mini II is that you can charge your speaker via a standard micro USB instead of putting it back on the dock once the speaker dies.

Mini II is equipped with a dock, but as if you can charge it, so you don’t need to take your dock with you.

One more thing you will love is that it’s the best portable speakers under 200 than ever and it has a battery life of 10-hour so that you don’t need to worry about power interruptions.

It drives the same sound like the original one had, you will get a crispy high and a solid bass. It is the mixture of all the right things that a speaker should have; sturdy build quality, attractive look, great battery life, and an amazing sound.

SoundLink Mini II is a premium quality best portable speakers under 200. Well, I can say that this one is worth the every penny you are going to spend on a speaker.

The built-in speaker lets you have loud calls, and there’s voice prompts that guide you through the Bluetooth connection process making it easier and convenient for you.

You can connect two Bluetooth devices at one time. It has a stylish, compact design and hi-fi quality sound and comes in pearl and carbon color.


7. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2:

Like the previous Bose Soundlink Mini II, this one is also the upgraded version of original Sound Blaster that is Sound Blaster Roar 2, or we can say that it’s a slightly smaller version of the Roar but possess the same design.

It drives lots of new features and an amazing sound quality.

There’s a multifunction button along with some switches on the top and a grille with power, volume in front. It is filled with Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX, NFC, an aux input and a 6000 mAh battery that will last up to 8 hours.

It also has a microSD card reader, built-in MP3 player, USB output for charging devices, a voice recorder (can even be used to record phone calls), and it can even act as an external sound card for your Mac/PC/PS4 if you plug it in via USB.

It comes with lots of features along with the good sound quality.  and tends to be the best speakers for music under 200. The makers did their best in making this speaker a fantastic model.

For the best sound quality, it has two internal amps powering everything needed for good sound: 2 tweeters, a woofer, and two passive radiators.

With its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can get the option to take the speaker with you anywhere you go.

This will not let your pocket be empty and even though with less money you can experience an excellent sound quality.


8. UE BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

The speaker has a unique design which allows the sound to get distributed emanating from it in 360 degrees – which means no matter where you’re standing in a room you’ll experience the same quality of sound like anybody else.

It tends to be the best party speakers under 200 because of it’s superior sound quality.

One more added feature of this speaker is that it’s waterproof, it can handle being submerged in water which other water resistant speakers can’t do.

UE BOOM 2 is the best portable speaker under 200 because of its superior sound quality, compact design with waterproof and shockproof features. UE Boom has given a new desire to portability and delivers crisp sound.

It offers 15-hour battery life and 100-foot wireless range. It has a flip design that allows standing it in both landscape and portrait mode. It comes in variant color; blue, pink, red, and moss green.

Wrapping Up:

We have listed out the best computer speakers under $200, read the guides and pros and cons carefully and choose the one which will suit your requirement.

The listed speakers have a proper combination of music, fashion, portability and cost which are worth looking in best budget speakers for pc.

They come with the advanced technology that delivers you the clear audio. All have been made with keeping the needs and desires of buyers.

Those speakers provides versatility so that you can place the speaker anywhere. Invest your money on the best speakers under 200 dollars that offers good sounding experience and the one that does not get damage after prolonged use.

If you have any queries regarding speakers, then feel free to comment below. Also, share this article on social media and let your friends know about this.

Hope you enjoyed what you read.

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